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I aim to enable 1M people to master their OWN wellbeing

A Senior Product Manager by day, at night my personal passion platform gives people knowledge and self empowerment through video content, events and my 3 books on nutrition, herbs and bodybuilding. 
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My Story
I graduated from Aston University with a 2:1 in Technology and Enterprise Management. After university I was offered a graduate job as a business analyst which I turned down to pursue my passion, enabling wellbeing. I started my first health-tech company 2013. After a run of 2 years the startup alternately failed but out of that failure my wellness platform, books & Herby Box were born.

Everything I do is to aid to aid growth and wellbeing. To aid this mission, I obtained from qualifications in Herbalism, Marketing and Nutrition.
My Books
Corporate wellness workshops & talks
The work/ life relationship with wellness is broken. Companies lose up to £1600 per employee per year from failure to engage employees effectively in wellness. This stems from presenteeism (a loss of workplace productivity resulting from employee health problems and/or personal issues) and absenteeism. Both of which have been made worse during the current climate.

I provide highly engaging, to the point and informative workshops. These workshops are in person and online and they help save companies money with actionable tips, motivation and insider information for each employee to take back control of their wellness. This shines through both in work and daily life. 


Paul's workshop was very well received by all of our employees who attended, they found the session really useful and complimented on how engaging and informing Paul was, as well as his patience to answer any questions people had. Co-ordinating the workshop with Paul was also very seamless, he carried everything out to brief, provided great resources and met all the points we wanted covered in one bitesize and engaging session. We will definitely be working with Paul and Herby Box again in the future! - Francesca, Maven
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