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I aim to enable 100k people to master their OWN wellbeing

My personal platform gives people knowledge and self empowerment through video content, events and my 3 books on nutrition, herbs and bodybuilding. I also cofounded Herby Box. Herby is a herb subscription box that makes using herbs is easy and accessible. 
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My Story
I graduated from Aston University with a 2:1 in Technology and Enterprise Management. After university I was offered a graduate job as a business analyst which I turned down to pursue my passion, enabling wellbeing. I started my first health-tech company 2013. After a run of 2 years the startup alternately failed but out of that failure StartTeck, my personal platform & Herby was born.

Everything I do is to aid to aid growth and wellbeing. To aid this mission, I obtained from qualifications in Herbalism, Marketing and Nutrition.
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