Using herbs to achieve peak physique & strength
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If I can do it, you can do it better with this course

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Herbs have helped me

  • Deadlift: Over 320 kg (706 lbs)
  • Achieve: Under 10% body-fat
  • Squat: Over 250kg (563 lbs)
  • Reach: My ideal physique
All whilst following a 100% plant-based diet for almost 10 years. If I can achieve all of this 'eating grass', you can achieve this too and even more. I'm going to show you how on this step by step herbs for bodybuilding course.

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Paul Otote
You'll learn: 

 - Understanding herbs
 - Herbs history
 - Bodybuilding principles
 - Strength principles
 - Herbs for Recovery
 - Herbs for strength 
 - Cutting with herbs
 - Herbs for weight gain
 - Best way to prepare the herbs
 - Using medicinal mushrooms
 - Smoothie recipes
 - Workout fuel recipes
 - Combining herbs

and more!

Paul poured 10 years experience in herbalism and bodybuilding, along with certifications as a nutritionist and herbalist into this course.
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